Printing tips

In case you do not have a printing machine, we can handle the print-work of your chosen projection system, delivered mounted in no time.

For high quality prints, please send us the file to be printed under the following specifications:

File specifications
  • Locked file tiff, eps, pdf, psd with embedded color profile

  • CMYK color mode
  • 1:1 ration - 150dpi resolution

Printing Dimensions

  • Varies according to product specifications

Simple Roll up dimensions (DS-0B):80x202cm

  • No bleeds needed in Roll ups and most stands (apart from Pop ups)
  • For better results please deliver detailed guide

Printing Materials

Printing materials are selected according to the target system and its use.

  • Standard and scrolling Roll ups: Polypropylene (PPC), the most suitable material. Lightweight, not torn, and finely printed. Alternative, tarpaulin (not recommended)
  • Outdoor Stands: Tarpaulin for high resistance due to external weather conditions.
  • ΧΒanners - L banners-Display Banners-Banner Line: Tarpaulin
  • Tables: Laminated sticker or tarpaulin (in routinely change of topic)
  • Folding Panel: Sticker with or without lamination
  • Pop up Stands: Adhesive PVC laminated panels
  • Lightbox Displays: Backlit for better performance in light and easy to change topic
  • Picture & Poster frames: Photo Paper or simple printing on laser printer